Decks and Patios

Because of its convenient location and outdoor living feel, a deck or patio is often seen as an extension of our indoor living space. Whether it’s made of stone, brick or concrete, this paved spot is frequently the life of the party, especially when you add a grill, fire pit or fireplace. With an outdoor kitchen and dining set, it can become your favorite eating spot, while an abundance of patio furniture and colorful decor turns it into the perfect sunny lounge.

With an outdoor space, the materials will help dictate the overall style and feel, so we work closely with you in getting your input every step of the way, so that the completed product will accurately reflect your style and vision. Stone pavers and terracotta tile are common with Mediterranean houses, while brick is most often seen in traditional homes. Concrete works well with most spaces, so it’s a great option to use when you’re unsure what direction you’re heading.